Order for Sandra

Order for Sandra

Engrave 2 x names on ring, Devon, Robynne

Turn rose quartz ring into a pendant - + chain – chain to be attached on sides of setting

Convert square heart brass ring into a round ring.  Size T, size other 2 silver rings with brass balls to a size T (must be round also)

Convert square turquoise ring into a pendant – loop at BACK centred

Re-glue pearl earring with epoxy glue

Add link to small blue tube setting

Neaten up earrings that are bent out of shape

Polish shell pendant, gold ring, gold earring set, teardrop earring set

Ceramic ring SIZE T

Custom necklace, 2 bars, 1 x heart. 1 x longer bar, dates on the back, front : daddy   2nd bar, mamma

Courier to door  (special)

R 2,255.00