Personalized engraved statement ring for Abbey

Personalized engraved statement ring for Abbey

Custom statement ring for Abbey


Leafy design boarder with heart

3 flowers in a bouquet:

Daisy, Rose, Violet


On the sides of the oval top:

4.21.15 left side
6.17.16 right side
8.23.10 along the bottom

with leafy design in-between 



Engraved ring : Personalized custom sterling silver ring


Measurements :
The top oval part of this ring measures 22 x 16mm oval.
The width of the oval top part of this ring measures 5.5mm thick

The round ring part of this ring (the band) is completely rounded and measures roughly 2.5mm thick.

You choose what must be engraved on the ring.
Please leave this information in 'Notes to seller' at checkout or via email

1 x Date / Name/ Word on the front (Where the date is on the front of the listing image ring.)
2 x Initials e.g X&X or a name or word (Where B & J is on the listing image.)
1, or 2 x dates to go on the side of the ring: 

(Dates on the side of the ring: There is a laurel / wreath design around it, but you can choose two dates to go on one side, and one on the other (the listing ring image only has one date on the side.)

Finish, you need to choose Matte or Polished finish. The listing ring is MATTE finish (in the images) - please also leave this note at checkout or email us :


-Courier options are available at checkout-

R 2,440.00