Pieces initial necklace

Pieces initial necklace

Sterling silver initial necklace - entitled "Pieces"

You will receive 2 x sterling silver pendants on a sterling silver chain.

These pendant "pieces" are uniquely shaped

polished finish pendants with a light hammertone in some areas.

Each piece has a initial handstamped with an initial of your choice.

If you prefer them plain we can also do plain ones for you with no initials.


The "pieces" initial necklace is inspired by imperfect abstract shapes.

Pieces of us - our close family members and loved ones. Wear them close to your heart always. 

The unusual shapes are striking & catches the eye.

Please leave the initial to be engraved on each pendant piece in the Notes section at checkout 

If you require just 1.. or more than 2 - please email mail@hellothula.co.za






R 450.00